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Dashing Mike


  • AsentinnAsentinn Experienced Member Registered Users 141 Posts
    And this thread is for...?
    Do you want to list all official accounts? I presume that all official accounts are Moderators.
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  • DashingMikeDashingMike Experienced Member Moderators 664 Posts
    Hey there @palimpset. I'm unsure what this thread is for but if there's anything I can do to help, let me know or PM me.
  • me202me202 Registered Users 14 Posts
    edited January 2018
    It is probably a test to see if the game is done.  We haven't had a new restaurant since October.  Any new restaurants going to happen?
  • palimpsetpalimpset Registered Users 28 Posts
    Hi! @DashingMike I had actually typed out a pretty long question but hit the send button accidentally before the question was done. @me202 is correct. It was essentially to check on the status of the game. I’ve been a Ramsay Dash player since literally the beginning and your response to this post is appreciated. That also means, however, that you’ve probably seen the recent posts asking about the future of this amazing game (given that games that continue update much more frequently).....the customers have yet to get a response.

    What is going on with Ramsay Dash? Has it been abandoned by the developers? (No shade to the crown avatar though cuz it’s super cute)
  • brewbrew Experienced Member Registered Users 193 Posts
    yes, this.. events come up, but need a new restaurant
  • DashingMikeDashingMike Experienced Member Moderators 664 Posts
    Hey there guys. Thanks for your patience! Unfortunate, I or support am unable to speculate when or if new updates will happen. :/ We haven't heard anything from our side so I'm sorry but I unfortunately am unable to answer this question. I'll definitely pass along the feedback that you guys are interested, though!
  • TschunteTschunte New Member Registered Users 14 Posts
    Thank you! please pass along the feedback that there are many very active players ( I can see this with all my friends which are constantly contribute to many group goals) waiting for new restaurants. 
  • DonnaRuthDonnaRuth Registered Users 20 Posts
    Yes, can’t wait for a new restaurant! I’ve got 5 stars in all venues now, getting tired of playing the same stuff over and over...
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