Extra stingy with gold lately?

sumagusumagu New Member13 PostsRegistered Users
Is it just me, or does it seem like the game is even stingier than usual with awarding gold? For example, I used to get gold most of the time when I got 3 or 5 stars the first time in an episode. I rarely get gold any more, usually just coins or supplies. It may be an automatic thing when you hit a certain level I guess. The ability to watch videos seems more limited lately too.


  • AsentinnAsentinn Experienced Member 141 PostsRegistered Users
    Rewards for completing 3* or 5* rating are set and doesn't change. They are different in various venues, though. So it's just the matter of the differences between them.

    For me videos sometimes doesn't work.
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  • brewbrew Experienced Member 193 PostsRegistered Users
    I'm lucky, I get my 8 videos every day.. sometimes I have to restart the game a couple of times, but it works, and it doesn't take from my prep recipe speed-up anymore, so bonus.

    I've done all the 3 and 5's but I still get a decent amount of gold a week. 8 videos x 7 days, Wishelin Inspector is usually good for 5-10, and 3 gold in chef arena, and about 1/3rd of the time I get a gold from a VIP. I just have nothing to spend it on until they grace us with a new restaurant
  • CrazyCanukCrazyCanuk New Member 37 PostsRegistered Users
    I haven't been able to watch videos for gold since way before x-mas. I've contacted customer support a few times. I'm getting really upset. Why does it work for some, and not others?
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