I think the end is near....

AnnibelAnnibel New MemberRegistered Users 37 Posts
Besides no updates, have you noticed customer support doesn’t even send the ‘canned response’ when you send them a message? I use to get in immediate response that some one will get back to me ASAP, they value members, etc, etc. Now, nothing. I don’t think they are monitoring problems.

This glitch with group goals, with the check connection message, is annoying. There’s nothing else to do but group goals now that we’ve finished all venues.


  • palimpsetpalimpset Registered Users 28 Posts
    @Annibel Glu won’t be releasing any more updates for the game. If you go to GRD Facebook you’ll find an article that all but confirms it.
  • phaedrusphaedrus New Member Registered Users 47 Posts
    Just got an email reply from them today:

    "The game is having updates and working perfectly fine. We are currently working on the new content for the game. We kindly suggest you stay tuned for further updates."

    Patience, I guess?
  • AnnibelAnnibel New Member Registered Users 37 Posts
    Thanks for the article, palimpset, I’m not on Facebook. I’m an old lady, 🤫!
    I agree with you, but let’s hope there,s one more restaurant before the plug is pulled.
    I enjoy The Weeknd events.


  • LeebraLeebra New Member Registered Users 37 Posts
    "Working perfectly fine" ...hahaha
  • Salmon rollSalmon roll New Member Registered Users 106 Posts
    "Unfortunately, Glu's other celebrity titles like Cooking Dash and Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay is also losing popularity."

    This kind of sucks, because in a business perspective, they will definitely have to stop supporting this game because of the extremely competitive nature of the mobile market. Endorsing celebrities especially ones that are prestigious and accomplished as Gordon Ramsay certainly isn't cheap and this game in particular was a very risky move for the developers. Doesn't change the fact that this came is really amazing and hear Gordon swear at you is probably the best thing ever. Why do you think there are around thousands of candy crush saga clones, which in itself was a clone of bejeweled, a much older game.
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