Duel points reset

Hi there. I just registered for the forum tonight, actually I was very happy to see that there is a forum for this game.
I was just wondering if other people are as annoyed/confused as I am with regards to the duel points "issue". I'm pretty sure that I understand the duel points in  terms of how scoring works, but I'm quite annoyed that every Sunday when the points are reset I'm back to either an apprentice or, as is the case this week I'm a "new trainee". It's very rare that I forfeit, and I don't challenge people in my list of victories if they haven't advanced (actually I usually click on quick duel).
I am feeling as though it's pointless to try to do well in these duels for the second week in a row. It seems as though it's futile to try to advance in this game.
I'm just wondering if other players feel the same way.



  • palimpsetpalimpset Registered Users 28 Posts
    @AnneMarie222 I disagree. . This is done to keep the duel rankings fair so the top players won't continuously win the best prizes week after week (which, with the exception of CynthiaDee2 works well). My suggestion for you would just be to duel more. If you make it to a Chef de Partie your only reset to 1150 duel points. You could also hone your skills and challenge players ranked higher than you as you gain more points that way if you win.
  • ChefWreckChefWreck New Member Registered Users 54 Posts
    The higher you go, the less you will fall. I got up to Executive Chef a couple weeks in a row and was only bumped down to I think Saucier an the start of the new week. But then I had a few weeks where I couldn't duel at all and I got bumped down to Apprentice. 
    Don't give up :) if you persist, the rewards are sweet.
  • kimmikatkimmikat Registered Users, Member 13 Posts
    Agree with the OP. All that time, resources and effort lost. Why do it then? About to uninstall.
  • palimpsetpalimpset Registered Users 28 Posts
    @kimmikat what’s the alternative in your opinion? If no one was reset then it would be even more unfair than you’re alleging because the players who have been playing the game since it’s inception would remain at the top. Hard work wouldn’t be rewarded, longevity of play would....
  • kimmikatkimmikat Registered Users, Member 13 Posts
    @palimpset what is wrong with players being at the top? They had to work to get there. And what exactly do you mean by, "...the top players won't continuously win the best prizes"? When you obtain a certain rank, you still do have to purchase the items. Also, it's not like these prizes are limited in supply. It's a digital game. How would you feel if the restaurant progress or other rankings and achievements were reset every week?
  • kimmikatkimmikat Registered Users, Member 13 Posts
    Whoever disagreed with this, PLEASE tell me what you disagree with? I want to understand the rationale of never allowing players to keep their duel progress. How do people get to the top ranks?
  • KaiPlayzKaiPlayz Registered Users, Member 8 Posts
    @kimmikat I disagree because if the TOP players kept on staying there and kept playing, the newer players would still be at bottom. Imagine it like this,
    Lets say Bob and Phil are old timers. They have let’s say 2000 duel points. Now we have Jeff and Mike. They are new, and have 1000 duel points. So if every person got 100 duel points a week from dueling, Bob and Phil would have 2100 points and Jeff and Mike would only have 1100. If the scores were not reset, the old people would have the upper advantage making the newer players only have the worse prizes 
  • bellakat1bellakat1 Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    I agree!! I was only six points from making new rank and this was the closest I have been, only to be knocked down 2 ranks.  I had just scored the 3 highest duel scores I’ve ever had and was excited that I was almost to a new rank. Very disheartening!!
    As far as the older players getting best prizes, it doesn’t stop newbies from climbing the ranks just like they did. It takes too much time and effort...as well as money if you purchase gold to buy upgrades like I do, to be knocked down. We make boosts, purchase upgrades, and buy gold and it feels rigged to keep us from advancing. Very disappointed and angry!!
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