Chef Arena - Upgrade Percentages?

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I recently unlocked the Chef Arena and purchased Auto Chef/Second boost slot. My goal is obviously to beat Gordon as soon as possible so that I can start farming gold tickets.

What percentages (roughly) did you have your Appliances, Food, and Decor at when you started beating Gordon? I understand you need at least 70% of the total upgrades purchased, but where is your time best focused? 

I’m currently at the following:
Appliances: 51%
Food: 55%
Decor: 47%

I’ve been able to beat Flo up to this point, but am struggling with Becky Ann and I’m assuming its decor/tips against me.

Any help or suggestions are welcome!!!


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    Each week new proteins are featured, so when I was working on leveling Chef Arena, each week I just focused on upgrading whichever protein was lowest.  But at the higher levels it's about clearing more customers, including getting more of them to freaking sit down (this starts to be a problem at Paola Sanchez).
    At this point I can beat Gordon with one slot used for Rush Hour only, though I also have the Auto Chef.  Appliances are completely upgraded except wine ("red grape juice" lulz) and chocolate, still both on slot 2.  Food is almost completely upgraded except, apparently, lobster (guess I never got around to that one) and chocolate.  Decor: Counter, Tables, and Centerpiece are completely upgraded but Lights, Seats, Carpet not at all upgraded.  Good luck!
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