Android Market and device compatibility questions

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I can't find a specific game on the Google Play but my friend can see it: why?
Some games have device filtering where specific devices are not supported. Depending on your device make, model number and Android operating system version, the game may not be compatible with your specific device. You could locate the game on your computer using a Web Browser and by searching the Google Play here: then you may find out if your device is supported or not when you try to send it from the web browser. We continue to improve games with new updates and there may be a chance that the specific device may be supported in the future.

What is the minimum requirement for Android devices to run Glu games?
All Glu games require at minimum a 900MHz processor or better to even run. Having such a processor is not itelf a guarantee that a given device is compatible. Devices that have been found to be incompatible with a given game may be excluded for download from Google Play.

Why is my Android device not compatible with your games?
Unfortunately when we release games we can't ensure compatibility with every single device, there are just too many different Android devices on the market and software is constantly changing. We may review device requirements from time to time however if the Android Market is not listing the game for your device then the game does not support that specific device. Furthermore, please note that our games do not supported rooted devices.
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