What is the best path for "changing devices"?

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When you are ready to upgrade your device or switch to a brand new device, the question of "how do I keep everything I am doing now the same on the new device?" comes to mind. Just like your phone address book, your apps are valuable and the time spent making progress in them is important!

Glu’s games store their saved progress on the local device only. (This is why it is never recommended to delete or uninstall a game.) What is the best way to switch devices without losing progress in games? We will describe best practices for both iOS (Apple) and Android devices:

For Android via Google Play:

When you get your new Android device, the very first thing it asks you when you turn it on is "do you want to create a Google account or login with your existing account?, You want to select "Login with your existing account" and make sure you login with the exact same Google email address that you used on your previous device.

At that point Google will know what apps you had and will ask you if you want to transfer all apps to this new device. You select yes and wait. You better be on a fast and reliable wireless network as the phone carrier data connection will not be a good idea here even if you have 4G.

Please wait for a long time before accessing any of the new downloaded apps, Google is updating in the background and it may take several hours to download all your apps depending on how many you have and how big they are. Do NOT interrupt this operation and let the phone download everything , I would wait for the whole day to go through before attempting to play games on the new device.

When this is completed, some games will resume from where you left off and some will not. We cannot guarantee which ones do that, it all depends on your Google operation when you transfer these apps.

This is the most effective way to use a new Android device and copy all your previously used apps on the old device. Please remember this is via Google play Store and not Amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon uses a different setup more proprietary to their app store.

For Apple via iTunes App Store:

As stated earlier, Glu’s games store their saved progress on the local device only. The games do not, in themselves, back up their data elsewhere. However Apple devices do provide a means of backing up to iTunes or iCloud, and that is how one may back up one’s saved game. A few Glu titles, as a convenience, have an iCloud icon within the game which provides easy access to Apple’s iCloud service for backing up that game’s data. For those titles, we recommend taking advantage of that feature - back up frequently!

For games without this in-game icon, your game data will be saved when you perform a full device backup. As every computer user knows, frequent backups are essential.

TO TRANSFER YOUR GAME TO A NEW iOS DEVICE: Start by doing a FULL BACKUP of your original device, either to the PC’s Tunes app or to iCloud. For maximum safety, we recommend doing both: back up first to iTunes, then to iCloud. When backing to iCloud, make note of the account you use on that device. It is recommended that you go to Settings > General > About > Name and rename your device something other than the default, so there is no confusion as to which device’s backup is which. DON’T TAKE CHANCES! Do your backup and restore on a high-speed WiFi network. A 3G or 4G carrier network is likely to be much less reliable.

If you are restoring the data to an older model device than that which you backed up from, first make note of the operating system versions. Devices with an iOS version prior to iOS 5 do not support iCloud. Note that your game may not perform the same on an older model device as on your newer one. Once your device has been backed up, you may then use the restore feature on your second device:

When setting up the device to which you wish to transfer your saved data, do NOT select “Set up as new iPad.” Choose “Restore from iTunes” or “Restore from iCloud.” The backup you have just done will download to your new device with all the data intact.

IMPORTANT! Give the restore plenty of time to complete! It may seem like the backup is finished when your device first re-starts, but Restore needs to go through several steps. Keep an eye on the progress bar. Backups of large amounts of data can take a half hour or more. Disconnecting before backup is finished will cause all kinds of problems with missing data.

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