:-)Anyone Noticed the Icons?

ZorenZoren Expert Member84 PostsRegistered Users
Does anybody noticed the cutie little Glu Icons in the forums main page? If it doesn't then look again they look much like wrappers of Glu candies. Nice! It caught my eyes attention and its a new look so to speak....:cool:
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  • Darthplague99Darthplague99 Senior Member 81 PostsRegistered Users
    It looks like glu fun, i dig em. Things just keep moving forward here keep up the good work glu
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  • shannyshanny Senior Member 440 PostsRegistered Users
    They are so cute!!!! Everyday something else impresses me about this new site! lol
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  • TranZzzTranZzz Experienced Member 61 PostsRegistered Users
    Glu style.. very nice..
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  • grelegrele Advanced Member 73 PostsRegistered Users
    They are cute! Ok it is doesen't matter from usability perspective, but still they are really cute...
  • TurpinTurpin Senior Member 240 PostsRegistered Users
    I just posted about them saying how impressive they are. Before it was black and white now they're colorful

    Again great job Glu
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