How to create a ticket

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We have improved our tools! now you can contact us within most new games without having to leave the game or switch to a browser. In many of our new game releases we use an in-game service called "Helpshift" to help players resolve issues or confusion they may be facing.

Our goal is to have the most recent information for your game available to you right away, this is why we encourage you to use this great tool. If you can't find your topic, you can "Contact Us" directly to open a ticket with one of our team members - and all of this happens without ever taking you out of the game!

Please try it out and experience the new support tools. Access to the tools are usually under OPTIONS then a Customer Care button or Help button

In iOS games you can see "Contact us" in the upper right corner of the tool. For Android it is an icon to send a message to our team.

For all other games including older legacy games, you can contact us from this web interface (this is the Amazing Battle Creatures page for example):

Please make sure you specify:

-What game you need help with
-What device you have
-the Operating system installed on your device
-your nickname in the game (team name, avatar or unique pvp name)

Thank you!
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