Who are all these moderators and admins?

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Community Moderators are volunteers from the community and do not work for Glu. They are Glu games players who have shown themselves to be valuable contributors for multiple games and topics. Interested in being a Community Moderator for your favorite Glu game? Let us know within your favorite game community's Suggestion board! We recommend you have a strong track record of contributing responses and help to other players.

Glu Moderators are volunteers from amongst Glu developers. They have been involved in creating, building, or shipping a game at some point in the life of the game. They are often limited to a title they've worked on and have volunteered their time to be on the forums, so please be patient as they respond to questions.

Glu Super Admins are Customer Support representatives, Community Managers, and Forum Administrators. They build and maintain the forums, relay customer support issues, and report information to and from developers about updates, releases, announcements, and known issues.

For more information on responses to posts, please visit this thread: Why hasn't an Admin answered my question yet?


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    If you are interested in being a community Mod, here are some specifics the we look for:
    • a long/consistent post record
    • a deep game knowledge
    • a history of problem-solving
    • good attitude and conflict-avoidant
    • actively assisting other players

    Strong contributors stand out over time and certainly don't need to be moderators to do so! If you want to be a moderator, keep posting and contributing using the guidelines above and we'll take notice!
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