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First of all, may I suggest Glu change Customer Care to Customer Rentention.
Secondly, get some real folks who are not so ego maniac in helping customers.
And thirdly, go the extra 2 miles to help the people with complaints.
Like most of everyone, I encounter frequent unhappy situations with glu games. Resets. Sudden death. Hang. Crash. And the classical "pay for what you will not get" dilemma.
Filing a ticket is fine if and only if, these glu personnel actually believed they helped.
Honestly, people are complaining frequently, posting everywhere, not because they are spamming or like some glu staff implies, "intentionally trying to discreit glu".
If these folks atvglu had some self-esteem, they would think of a real solution to the "same problems" that existed since glu introduced freemium games with premium in-app purchases.
Common, glu, you cannot expect customers to like if you shut down the forum and blame it on them?
Can you expect customers to buy more when you had already burned their pockets once and all you did was to ask them to file a ticket?
Or how can you care for customers when all you are interested is people saying good stuff about you and telling those off with critical remarks?

My personal advice to all glu customers, play the game as a freemium. If you get burnt or disappointed, you cant expect too much from a free product.
But if you need to buy, just read all the remarks here and you should not expect omething close to a miracle in solving your issues.

And maybe glu could come up with some creative games.
Each time a new game is realeased, it is like seeing Jurraisic Park again but this time in 3D?
How boring can it be?
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