Game reset itself....

ArchBishopArchBishop Registered Users 5 Posts
Played CKZombie 2 Origins at nite,tried to play next morning,game finally opened but had reset me to zero & ALL my weapons I had purchased are gone & I mean ALL OF THEM....What happened to all my weapons & consumables? I want ALL my stuff back & I know you have records of everything I purchased too.


  • shannyshanny Registered Users 440 Posts
    He ArchBishop, You will need to file a claim ticket so customer support can take a look at your account and see what is going on. Please make sure to provide the email address that is associated with your glu games. Once you file a ticket, it can take a few days to hear something, but you will get an automated email stating that your claim was received. I hope things can get sorted out for you. Good luck.;) You can file a claim at the following link:
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