Deeply upset and angered by customer service response........... where can i turn?

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the following conversation is posted directly from my email:
Customer FRUITHEAD via CSS Web 04/29/2013 11:43 AM
hi, i am so sorry to have to bother you with this issue, but i dont have a lot of money, and i completed a lot of offers and worked really hard to get lots of glu credits. recently, my son made a lot of purchases with them in the game "lil kingdom", however, he did not recieve the items he purchased in the game. he kept trying again and again. he was dissapointed, and we have since gotten rid of that game. we were very excited to find SvZ2 as we loved the first one and the second is even better, and when we started we had well over 1000 glu credits (i think around 12-1300). i was shocked to turn on the game some days ago (i have not had time sooner than this to reach out and contact you) and all of the sudden we have a few hundred credits! it seems like almost 1k credits have dissapeared! i can only assume that the purchases from "lil kingdom" have suddenly been debited from my account, but like i said, we never used those items, and now we dont have/want the game! i would greatly appreciate if those credits can be returned to me, so that i can use them in SvZ2. i work hard, and do not have as much time as i used to to devote so much time to getting the free credits, and in addition like i said we never recieved anything for the value of those other credits.

thank you so much for your time and consideration.
Response Via Email (Kathleen) 04/29/2013 01:24 PM
Hello, and thank you for contacting Glu Mobile Customer Care

With the implementation of the Glu Games Network, some of our games are now using a universal currency called Glu Credits. You may use those credits in any of the GGN-enabled games. Note that Glu credits are shared between games rather than belonging to any one game, so anywhere you choose to spend them will show a reduction across all those games.

The purchases in Lil' Kingdom were eggs. This means you should see a bunch of new critters in your kingdom. However, if you have deleted the game you will not be able to get your progress back so you will not see these purchases.

Glu Mobile Customer Care.
Customer By Email (FRUITHEAD) 04/29/2013 02:40 PM
hi, i am not sure if i was unclear in my original message. when we made
those purchases, WE DID NOT GET THE ITEMS. also, the glu credits DID NOT
debit from the account. only a few days LATER, after we had deleted the
game, did the credits dissapear from my account. at the time of purchase
NOTHING HAPPENED, and we did not recieve those items. I NEVER SAW THOSE
ITEMS IN GAME. if the game awarded them to me as a result of my purchase I
DID NOT GET A CHANCE TO USE THEM. there was no way for me to know that A
FEW DAYS LATER i would suddenly get those items credited to me.

i hope i was clearer this time?
Response Via Email (Kathleen) 04/29/2013 03:34 PM
Hello Lazer,

Unfortunately we cannot recredit your account for spent currency. If you were playing offline or with a weak WiFi connection, it is possible that the purchases went through the next time you were online. We apologize for the disappointment this may cause.

Glu Mobile Customer Care

i cant believe how mistreated i feel.........
1)1k virtual currency is worth a lot of real world money
2)nowhere (obvious, at least. i certainly have not seen it, and this is my first time ever visiting these forums. until now i had no reason to do so.) is it explained that with a weak wifi connection, what happened to me may occur
3)nothing was "used up" its not like i burned a $1 bill just to see what would happen, and when i blinked and missed it i decided to try 1000 more times. in that case i would understand the us mint's reluctance to replace the money. it would cost glu ZERO dollars to make me a happy and satisfied customer, and by the way, the type of happy and satisfied customer, who, if kept happy, is willing to make them lots of REAL WORLD money by working his @$$ off fulfilling partner deals to make 1k glu credits. (how much money will i be making you now that i am pissed off and i dont trust you?)
4)why would you push a customer into a corner like this? now this post is out here for the whole internet to search and find, and in addition you can bet i will tell all my friends who like and play glu games about this. (do you have any idea how many friends i introduced blood and glory to?)
5)i have more, but i am too tired and pissed to think of them right now.

is there a way to contact some higher official within the company?
i would be perfectly happy to delete this post and utterly reverse my opinion of glu if i receive a different response. i can understand if a single employee (perhaps overworked and harried constantly by pleas for free credits) made a bad decision, but as of now i feel truly cheated


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    We are looking into your issue, however all issues with billing must be done through the Customer Care ticketing system (not in the open forum).

    As such, I have to lock your thread; but we'll follow up through email via Customer Care.
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    Our Customer Care team followed up with this case and confirmed there are no errors with the account. Every item acquired was used according to the log. There are no errors and no missing items. This was confirmed by multiple teams and checked for quality control. this was also communicated to the username "fruithead" via email.

    Thank you.
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    hi. i did indeed get a response via email from someone named gabriel, and although i am not thrilled with the outcome, i do believe i was treated fairly. really that was all i wanted, perhaps it was just my perception but i did not get the sense that the first CS agent really looked into the matter or understood my claim. in any case, as i said in the ticket thread, it is possible that my son did buy those items and use them, in which case perhaps he was just embarrased about the amount of money he had used without realizing it and did not want to tell me.

    in any case, i feel it only fair to update this thread for anyone who might see it, so that they should know that i did get a chance to communicate with someone who i felt treated me fairly.

    thank you glu!

    i have no idea how i will get more credits, but i guess i will have to spend some more time filling out offers.

    oh well >_<
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    I'm going to go ahead and close this since it has been resolved.;)

    Just an FYI thing......The game "Gun Brothers' (original) is an easy way to earn free credits that are good for SVZ. If you do the daily missions, you can get an average of 100+ a day of free credits. For instance, I got 226 yesterday for doing 20 minutes worth of game play. Best of luck Fruithead!:D
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