Small City - lost everything

Lamoure222Lamoure222 Registered Users 2 Posts
I play every day and all day and all night. I started to play tonight and my game is back to the beginning. I lost $200 in glu coins and all of my buildings...I just paid 902, 500 For my latest building. I hope this can be fixed. Someone help me please.


  • shannyshanny Registered Users 440 Posts
    Please file a claim ticket with customer service at the link provided at the end of this message. Be sure to provide the email address that is associated with your glu games so customer service can find your account. Thanks.;)
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    For this game, it should be bale to resume unless you changed devices or uninstalled the game.

    Go to the background tasks and terminate the process running then launch the game again while you are connected to a reliable WiFi connection.
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