device use on profile

mtheadmthead Registered Users 266 Posts
i think i only post something when i find annoying.. but i think this will help out the glu community..

adding people from the community can be more easier if they add in the device they used ie android or iphone in the profiles..

so on the left hand side where you see there icon, name, join date, and number of post, they should list the device they used.. it might slightly come in handy, so other gamers can know if they can add you or not

waste of time sending a request to someone only to find out they are on another platform, or creating add me threads based on platform

if i see some one that says add me.. then see on there profile says android, saves me alot of time knowing i can add them.. or when they report a bug, they dont state what platform they are on... it can help out admin a lil bit straight away


  • shannyshanny Registered Users 440 Posts
    Good idea mthead. Hopefully something like that can be implemented in a future update....;)
    A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself. :cool:
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