6/28 Weekend Sales are ON in 9 of your favorite Glu games!

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It's a big sale weekend at Glu!! Here's what's going on in our games for a limited time.

Contract Killer: Up to 75% Off the Nanotech Infinite and Nail Gun

Contract Killer 2: 60% off the Ranger Model–12

Contract Killer Zombies: 70% Off the Limited Edition Hellfire and The Exterminator

Contract Killer Zombies 2 (CK Origins): Up to 60% Off The Comrade and the Mortara M75

Deer Hunter Reloaded:
70% off the Modified Elkmaster Pro Package

Eternity Warriors 2: 50% Off Mystery Box Spins and The General's Spear

Frontline Commando: 75% Off Gravedigger and 50% Off Obliterdeath

Frontline Commando: D-Day: Up to 65% off the Weapon Kit and Ultimate Weapon Kit

Indestructible: 40-88% off the Dozer, M12A3 Flamethrower, HMT4 Launcher, Thermodon, 5Black Void Laser, and Big Rig
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