Deer Hunter 2014 n e warrior 2

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Any one know what's going on? I'v been playing Deer Hunter because I can't play e warrior 2 and it could be a good game, but like e warrior it has many bugs that need to be fixed I made it to section 3 on Deer Hunter but every time I try to play it shouts down and I have to relode it, anyone know why it's doing that? It's not my tablet it only happens when I play any Glu games. As for e warrior I cant play in the PvP all thou I have been playing for some time out of know where I am rooted and can not play, I was in the middle of a tournament I won tried to play again and it said because I was rooted I can not play in the tournament?? What is rooted?.

I sent a email telling them what was going on and I got nota.

And I know I will be told I need to ask them this is not the place, I know, tell them to respond and I would not have to ask in this forum.
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