Regular Offer of Free Games

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My friends who have Xbox 360 / Playstation 3 told me that starting from some months ago, they have been offered some once very high profile and popular games, completely free of charge!!. Those like Forza, Halo 3, Far Cry and the like. Those are legitimate copies, but seem to be offered only to subscribers of the online services. Of course, actually there is currently no overseas game console having official distribution here, I assume they use foreign IP addresses, so we all have no idea what would happen to their accounts if MS / Sony finds out their accounts are being operated in China. Anyway, it's quite cool they don't need to pay a dime for those great works.

So do we have such offer, too? I mean, sporadically we have some free game offers, but the free console game offers, according to my understanding, is on regular basis. Now that F2P titles start to land on MS and Sony platforms, it seems console gamers receive more bonuses than we do.
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