Sorry, unable to find your rank record - EW3 problem

TheKingslayrTheKingslayr Registered Users 12 Posts

I am receiving the message when trying to view my tourney ranking. My guildmates say it could be because my phone is jailbroken. I jailbroke it over a year ago and have never hacked anything.

So, how can I fix this? I've put in A LOT of time and some money into this game. I'm also in a top guild that I cant contribute to so I risk losing my spot.

I dont mind restoring my phone if it will fix it. I spend more time on this game than anything else so jb is not worth it if I cant play EW3.

Any info would be appreciated.


  • TheKingslayrTheKingslayr Registered Users 12 Posts
    I just saw the jb sticky in the other forum. If anyone has a process that works to restore and fix, please reply.
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