5/16 Weekend Sales and events are ON!

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Contract Killer 2: Win the Widowmaker Grenade Launcher in the Live Assault Event

Frontline Commando: D-Day: Win the Limited Edition Scharfschutze Sniper Rifle in the Live Event

Eternity Warriors 3: Tiered Spender event plus PVP Season 1 is running until 5/21. The top player gets a Superior Fire Rune!

Frontline Commando 2: Play the Arena gauntlet this weekend for a chance to win a Tier 4 Squaddie! Pitbull shotgun is now available in the mystery box with a 5x chance to win this weekend only!


Contract Killer 2: 70% off the Wraith CM-7

Contract Killer Zombies 2: 50% off the Exterminator

Deer Hunter 2014: 40% off select Region 10 weapons and Open Season weapons blowout sale

Frontline Commando: D-day: 50% Off the Modello-38 Machine Gun

Robocop: 60% off the L-7 Eagle Ultimate Railgun
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