have you seen this!

DjRadNaDDjRadNaD Senior MemberRegistered Users 1,448 Posts
finally a better way! this is genius :)


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  • muskoxmuskox Experienced Member Registered Users 131 Posts
    I am a police officer. I believe in capital punishment. I found this satire absolutely hilarious. How it relates to DH 2014 I will never know, but thanks for the laughs. I give this thread less than three hours to disappear because someone will be offended.... Even funnier, frankly.
  • Sunny ThaiSunny Thai Experienced Member Registered Users 439 Posts
    Hilarious. When they cut to the warden, I almost blew noodles out my nose.
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  • muskoxmuskox Experienced Member Registered Users 131 Posts
    I'm glad someone else saw the comedy in this. I was afraid of outcry. I found it terribly entertaining.
  • DjRadNaDDjRadNaD Senior Member Registered Users 1,448 Posts
    yea, I know it is off topic, but just had to share hahaha
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  • Eli_the_HunterEli_the_Hunter Advanced Member Registered Users 660 Posts
    I thought it was real and all for it. Then the warden comes out with blood all over him and I just about pee'd my pants!! Freakin hilarious!
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  • possumpossum New Member Registered Users 38 Posts
    If it had been Texas it would have been more believable...
  • todfoxxtodfoxx Senior Member Registered Users 1,933 Posts
    You got me Dj! Lol, Right up to the point where the warden and others all blood speckled! But I did have to stop my son from showing his friends! Ha, I can here their parents saying, " you stay away from Mr. Foxx and his son" haha! :) T.F
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  • David TDavid T Senior Member Registered Users 1,055 Posts
    This reminded me of the commercials in Robocop. Check out "Robocop, the funny commercials" on YouTube if you get the chance.
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