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I was playing a mission in Omaha Beach, when the game all of a sudden crashed. When I opened it up again, ALL MY PROGRESS WAS DELETED. I spent $20 on it to but a weapon and a crate, and countless hours. I WAS LITERALLY AT DAILY BONUS DAY 80 AND WAS HOPING I MIGHT GET SOME FREE GOLD ON DAY 100! IM ON WAVE 23 BEAREU DEFENSE! I MEAN #### YOU FREE TO PLAY (not). THIS IS SIMILAR TO WHAT HAPPENED TO ME AT DEAR HUNTER.

Well, that's better, had to get that out. Can anyone help me? Cause I'm not rich and $20 is a lot for me.


  • TakingForeverTakingForever New Member Registered Users 5 Posts
    Forget anything I said.
  • TakingForeverTakingForever New Member Registered Users 5 Posts
    Well, I downloaded it back from cloud, and I got most of my progress back. But, still unfortunately the credits I bought still disappeared.
  • TakingForeverTakingForever New Member Registered Users 5 Posts
    And most of my guns.
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    Same here! I had everything beat except 1 bomber mission....450 stars...3 Gold guns ( Uncle Joe's, The Chopper, & The sniper rifle) 26 on Base Defense & a nice stockpile of medkits, air strikes, bazookas & grenades. EVERYTHING LOST!!! & that was Thursday. I jus started from scratch so I can rack up gold for Dino Hunter since I know it'll be at least 2-4 weeks for whatever DH14 has in store.
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    Dear Moderator,
    Yesterday all my progress in Game was lost during updating . I played in d-day more than a year. I can send for you screensaver from Game Center with my progress. Could you help me? Tomorrow I going to write post about this situation in ITunes.
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