com launches campaign in celebration of the FIFA World Cup

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Youku is one of a handful of websites that have been granted rights from FIFA and China Central Television (CCTV) to broadcast the World Cup. In 2009, Youku produced a national “Phenomenals Tour” as well as two “Youku Top Phenomenals” awards ceremonies, attracting tens of millions of video views. Winners included “Xidan Girl, ” the Beijing street busker who won the hearts of millions of Chinese with her soulful voice, and Xiao Bao, the four year old dance sensation, even gained international attention. to wild applause, and was later featured in length by CNN.

In contrast to previous Phenomenals shows, the fifa 14 coins edition will focus on two major categories: skill at football commentating, and abilities on the football pitch. Contestants can either upload videos directly to Youku through the contest page, or participate in offline events in any of the eight host cities. After qualifying rounds, finalists will gather in Beijing on the night of July 11 for the Phenomenals award ceremony already a tradition and a strong part of the Youku brand. In addition to the nationwide Phenomenals event, Youku has recently announced other World Cup related, self produced content, including the talk show “Big Talk on the World Cup, ” which brings together football experts, major entertainers, and other celebrities to talk about the buy fifa 14 coins xbox 360 games in South Africa.

In the first week following the show’s premier on Youku, “Big Talk” received over 6 million views. Youku is also producing the show “No Interference, ” which will be co hosted by celebrity football commentator Dong Lu and recent tabloid darling Ma Nuo. Dong Lu recently joked about this pairing, “She is responsible for eye*****; I’m responsible for foot*****. I believe this match up can’t go wrong. ”To receive future articles by Jonnice Slaughter, scroll to the top of this article, and click on SUBSCRIBE.
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