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Hi, i have a problem with my Samsung S2. I alredy asked technical help in a phones shop and they told me that the only way to fix my phone is to do a complete format.

Sadly, i've found today after installing the main back up program from Samsung into my pc, Samsung Kies that it doesn't save apps. Just videos, photos, and the phone numbers i've saved into the phone.

Since i've played many and many hours on Gun Bros, BigTime Gangsta and into Heros of Destiny too, i would like to back up them too, the save files of course, it's not a problem to download the apps again.

I don't have an external SD so the only place where i can put all the files is my pc.
So in the end, what program should i use to do a backup of all the games?
Hopefully something that has been tested and which is going with 100% chances to make a backup of the save files.

Thanks for the help.


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