Fun facts,Tips and suggestions

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Fun facts
when you go to weapons change menu everything moves in slow motion
In Juno final battle the king tank's attacks will not hurt you
Grenades can blow your enemies limbs but not your's or your allies limbs off
No matter how much you fall after 10 hp you will not take damage from falling

Always select a machine gun that balances the fire rate and damage if you are not willing to pay with real money to buy weapons
In base defense use a balanced damage and fire rate machine gun and keep shooting to the head.Riffles will not have that much effect unless you buy them
Shoot an enemy and quickly move to another way point and start shooting as the the enemies will shoot your old way point
In ack ack missions always watch where your bullets go not where your aim cursor is and start shooting.
Do not waste your artillery strikes on tanks as it will have low impact

Suggestions to developers
It would be helpful if we can upgrade the ack ack gun because we buy it with glu credits.
Give some new weapons to buy or crates to get rewards with war cash.Or make a development to convert war cash to axis points
As the campaigns were done not only by Americans it would be better if you add a Canadian and a British soldier and costumes and let us fight as the Germans too.
It would be better if you could make our allied soldiers as a powerup that can actually do some damage or make it like a recruitment and upgrade type setting.
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