No weekends events

MafomoMafomo New MemberRegistered Users 5 Posts
Greetings. i have two DDFLC accounts, on iphone and ipad. Since a few weeks one of the two accounts doesn't get the weekend events, nor the 3-4 daily mission with which one can gather axis plans. The other accounts gets the missions but receives the weekend events randomly and almost at the end of the weekend. Today, for instance, it got notified of the event, played lvl 15 for the axis plans and smaller armor, then had to leave and the event disappeared.
Can you tell me how to solve this issue? Thanks in advance.


  • MafomoMafomo New Member Registered Users 5 Posts
    It would be SO nice if any admin helped solve the issue. Not receiving any answer is quite frustrating AND it doesn't speak well for your company.
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