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I have spent tons of cash trying to buy out the RP's and noticed that there are duplicate players in the RP draft boards. I feel I have been wasting money and now I'm could get (if I haven't already) duplicates and still no 5* RP's! If you review my roster, you'll see that I have over 450 players (which is creating issues with lockups), some are probably duplocates but I can't check due to lockups, and how do I not have any 5* RP's? I feel a bit cheated out of the tons of gold, considering the duplicate issue and the fact I have lost alot due to crashiing during my run for all the 5* pitching in the last player reward which caused me to stop "throwing out gold" in hopes of it getting fixed.
Had it not been for duplicates, I'd assume it's just terrible luck. Had I not had so many crashes on a brand new droid LGG4 phone over wifi, I could have run through the player rewards and life would have been good.

Team Name: Dixie Normous*
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    I see you have a ticket in that is about 6 days old. Unfortunately the queue for those tickets is pretty long (around 15 days). We hope to get to you as soon as possible.
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    Thanks for the heads up! Completely understand.
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    To be honest, the duplicate players are the least of my concerns at the moment. The amount of gold lost, most of which was paid for, due to game issues is completely unacceptable. I have posted the issues in the "customer help" area of the game: tap sports baseball 2014, team name is Dixie Normous* . For the moment, I'll keep the specifics off of this forum board. Please see the in game support chat for the specifics. I hope some resolution can be made. I know this is a common in game issue as I have chatted with other players and I am sure that you are aware of them. I have lost a lot of real money due to these in game errors and it's really frustrating as the game is excellent (minus the issues and lack of customer service).
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