Why has Gordon Ramsey ResturantDash suddenly clicked off? It just went dark and I can’t get it back

Why has Gordon Ramsey Resturant Dash suddenly blinked off?  I cannot get it to come back on!  I tried game apps and the game itself to no avail. Help please.  I love this game!  Thank you.


  • GinsnCoinsGinsnCoins Registered Users 2 Posts
    I have a similar problem. Its been two days now, I click to open the game but it stays on loading screen with a window that says Failed to download required content... I've double checked all my internet settings and the speed is 3 times of what the game needs. It's frustrating. I love this game too.
  • LadyofthelakkeLadyofthelakke Registered Users 1 Posts
    It's very frustrating. It's been about a week or more for me I've contacted customer service and no response or resolution. My ranking is going down and I can't access certain parts of the game because I don't have enough duel points.
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