Cooking Dash Progress Gone After Updating BlueStacks

AmirhosainAmirhosain Registered Users 1 Posts

After updating BlueStacks to the latest version, all apps including Cooking Dash gone!

After reinstalling it, I see all my 1-year progress is gone and it starts from the beginning level! :'(

But when I reinstall Google Play Games, I noticed my progress is already saved there.

Is there a way to restore progress of Cooking Dash from Google Play Games to the point before updating of BlueStacks?

Please kindly save my 1-year progress! :(



  • lila_nunes_lila_nunes_ Registered Users 6 Posts
    Same thing happened to me on Gordon Ramsay dash. Apparently, they don't really care about their users.
  • astonisheddemon111astonisheddemon111 Registered Users 15 Posts
    I have the same problem. The game disappeared right before my eyes while I was playing. Been contacting customer serv with no avail, no response whatsoever. This game obviously rebooted itself, I didn't update anything. The games system errors affect players, if they can not fix it it should shut down bec its wasting ppl's time & money!
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