MLB TSB jailed for no reason

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Ari Silberner 
Game MLB TAB 17 
User name Aries83
So I responded to you guys through the application that I wasn't able to make donations to my club inside of the game you responded saying my account was flagged for suspicious behaviour which I'm not quite sure what suspicious about my account... in the beginning of the month I spent $60 to buy gold I also play everyday normally. i am living in the country of Israel if this shows up as a suspicious on your system?? for some reason I don't know why but I have not done anything wrong except for play your game and advance properly no obscene chats oo nothing more than playing the game why am i flaged and not able to make club donations I was planning on buying monthly gold and other things in the game but I'm reconsidering unless I can start making my club donations again and play the club events normally again... I also have the option of stopping the payments that I already made bc I don't want to pay for half a game... please fix this help...

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