the 2016 Tap Baseball Version is currently being scrapped?

DODGERSYANKSDOADODGERSYANKSDOA New MemberRegistered Users, Member 108 Posts
I have heard through my fellow players that the 2016 version of Tap Baseball is slated for extinction?
apparently Prime games and main events are no longer available?
Any truth to this rumor???? Can you let everyone know????


  • [RR] Sage[RR] Sage Glu Moderator Moderators 1,104 Posts
    No plans to turn it off but no new content is planned for the game any longer. Typically the BB dev team plans out a year after they have moved on to the next title so that year is about up from when 2017 launched.
  • chupacabrachupacabra Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    Since Sunday night could not collect T6 and all the events have stopped is this permanent my whole club and other clubs would like to know what the hell's going on have spent much money over 3 years playing this game really do not want to change to it any other and will never play any Glu games again does anybody know if this game is done have they deleted the game after all the money that has been spent do not want to start over again
  • [RR] Sage[RR] Sage Glu Moderator Moderators 1,104 Posts
    As mentioned above there aren't any plans to turn it off. We still have the original 2014 version up and running as well as 2015 but there are no further plans to do anything with the 2016 version. This is pretty standard for most sports games just like the sports they emulate.
  • rangar1969rangar1969 Registered Users, Member 11 Posts
    Yes they screwed is no warning , just shut down . 2017 will be next ! 
  • rangar1969rangar1969 Registered Users, Member 11 Posts
    Yes it’s up nothing to do there no more events ever!!! 
  • 25Jackson25Jackson Registered Users, Member 10 Posts
    Can you at least do weekly events and season mode. A lot of people spent A lot of money on this game. 
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