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Allow is to keep sluggers instead of automatically trading them in for xp. I’ve had several 4-5 star guys get traded in. After a few upgrades they’d be way better than most of guys I have now. 


  • GiftedIsainityGiftedIsainity 10 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Make sure you set your lineup to potential when playing home run derby and it will keep the player with better potential 
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    If you post in our forum for the game you will get more input from the users on the game. This is for general GLU games. Check the link below, you will find a lot of helpful users that are willing to help and provide advice on the game.
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    Yes potential is needed in derby. It cost me 1 week and I’ve leatned since to always switch to potential during the derby.
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    Highly reccomend tinkering with game strategy often. Current in events where you need your highest team score and potential when you get draft picks 
  • dots1031dots1031 89 PostsRegistered Users, Member

    Recommend using these forums for Tap Sports Baseball specific discussions. Better responses for people who actually play the game 
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