Terminator Genisys Guardian Weekly Event Prize did not appear in my inventory

ngdesmond24@gmail.com[email protected] New Member8 PostsRegistered Users
Hi Admin,
My In Game Nick is: John01
Last week there was a weekly event, for Top 6-10 Prize is X50 weapon parts Abbaddon 6.5 Star Rated.

I was on the Top 10 with score 18683.

After the event, it appears that the prize did not appear in my inventory.

Please kindly assist.
Game Center Nick: SER.ARTHUR DAYNE


  • JiggynutsJiggynuts New Member 1 PostsRegistered Users
    I won the Chimera plasma shotgun in Global Event some weeks back, I placed 4th on the leaderboard. The weapons shows up in my inventory, but I cannot equip it. Please help. 
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