Cannot Login **No reply from Glu in 4 days**

Team, on July 19th at 11:39 I contacted glu through the "Contact Us" portion of the game (MLB Tap Sports 18). My game was freezing to the point I could no longer play (an issue glu has acknowledged on the twitter account). I attempted to restart several times to no avail, the issue simply kept happening. Hard reset my phone, nothing happened. I then attempted to delete & re-install the app. When I tried to restore my account through FB it didn't work. I tried to recover via e-mail and it tells me that I must log in on my original device. Thing iPhone is the ONLY device I've played on this year.

"Jeff" responded the same day (19 July) at 23:22 asking for the team name I'm currently logged in to so he could help restore my account. I replied on 20 July at 0805 and I have not heard anything since. It's been 3 days. Can someone PLEASE help me. All my info is listed below. I have been locked out due to no fault of my own since 19 July. I've missed: (1) 3 days of daily endorsements that I PAY for; (2) the rewards for accumulating twitter followers; (3) the weekend rewards (BTW my team finished FIRST this weekend and I have screenshots to prove it sent from my team members on the LINE app we share to communicate); (4) Any "all-pro" rewards sent out. Bottom line I would just like to be "well" compensated for the time I've missed. Please help restore my account asap.

Current account nickname: NEEDSCHANGING

Account to restore nickname: BBBALLSOHARD
E-mail for restoral account: [email protected]
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