Kim Kardashian: Hollywood - Suggestions

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Please let users gift other players from a wishlist or something and also a chatroom for players to be in would be cool ! It gets boring playing by myself :( id love to be able to talk to other players in the game and just enjoy it


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    Hi and Welcome.

    Glad your here. Now, let’s get you into the Kim KK:H forum...or you can tap on the top link in my signature to go directly to the event’s chat thread.

    Update Is here!
    WeekDay TB
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    Hi everyone! just wanted to say hi to everyone here because iam new in forum! Hope everyone has wonderful day😍😘
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    If you want to experience a Live Chat where you can talk to other players. Install Facebook Gameroom. You can play KKH there and also talk to other players so it doesn't get "boring".
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