QuizUp - A user spams and bypasses device bans, admins never cared or responded, mods can't handle.

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Even though there are so many things flawed with QuizUp which have never been fixed ever since QuizUp's acquisition from Plain Vanilla, there's a current problem that makes it impossible to even use the social aspect of the game.
A user keeps creating accounts to spam the same exact thing. On one account, there were over 3000 posts made - all are spam.
The spam reaches different topics, including QuizUp Feedback, an important topic for feedback, where 90% of the players of QuizUp report problems.
Quite a lot of moderators are inactive, but a moderator in the game, who I know well and chat fairly often with, says it's extremely painful to get rid off them anyways(he's quite active compared to others).
First of all, the user blocks the moderators, which prevents them from seeing the posts in the timeline. Moderators luckily have the permission to directly see the post, but come on, you're not going to delete every single post with a special URL you get off the alternative account you have to create to view the spam!
Second of all, the moderators have NO feature to "Delete all posts of user", instead they have to do it one by one! The poor mod I know said it takes so long and he's just exhausted from it! Why can't you just make a looped tool?!
Finally, the mod I know doesn't even have the ability to ban! This is because for some reason different moderators are given different permission levels and considering of how much stuff the few people have to moderate, the players that DO have the ability to ban have to be spammed by everyone including mods, which makes it very annoying. Isn't this absurd?!?!
The admins(actually only one. There's no more than 1 known admin in the entire game), who never ever answer any feedback in the QuizUp Feedback topic by the way, barely care and the well known user with admin permissions named "QuizUp Vanilla" with the chance of 20% if they even respond, takes at least 2 WEEKS! Why?
The bots of hacked old accounts on QuizUp, who have a very suspicious link in their feeds with sexual text besides it have never stopped randomly following and liking players' posts and now, spam is a huge issue, even if mods are a thing now.
Why does such an innocent app receive such poor treatment? Why can't it at least be sold to some indie company that actually cares about it?
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