Let's talk Tips/tricks to get better :)

bosshog90210bosshog90210 5 PostsRegistered Users, Member
Just wondering what everyone does daily to get better. I play alot of tournaments. I feel like it's better than paying $5000 when you are out of bonus game tickets. If you do the tournament the all count towards your games and you can get rewarded with bonus tickets when you win all 4 games. Still trying to figure out how to get passed walk off hero round 4 and the home run derby seems I always get stuck. Anybody else have any advice or want to talk game play? My username is bosshog90210 if you want to talk on app as well. 


  • MattattackMattattack New Member 483 PostsRegistered Users
    My best advice is figuring out how to complete Walk off hero.  That's the only guarantee way to get good players.  To get the players to beat walkoff hero is what takes time.  At this point you will need a legend, higher prime or POTM type player.  Depending on what level you are work on maxing your 3 best hitters.  Ideally you are a silver or gold team as those are the sweet spots for WOH.  Hope that helps
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