Hey I'm not really new per say but I am semi new, and I need a club.

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I have 51k power and will put in work. If you have an active club and your looking for a recruit message me, my items name is DodgingHaters, used to be slimeballs but I'm dodging all those haters now days. Be that me if it's good.


  • besomeonebesomeone 16 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Were always looking for new people join likeitshouldbe

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    I've played around on these games from the play Store Google app for years. The down fall is that Everytime one of my cell phones or devices breaks I always takes while to rediwnload all the games ihad . Accounts for. Plus I've never kept the same Gmail's and exact usernames so I have to start over as a new player. Although this time around I would like to Be a part of a group who helped each other with ideas or suggestions for games and help others problem solve issues they may have that I've gone through. I'd like to be in a group who only relate about the games. I don't want to be a part of a group who asks personal questions and relationship statuses. Because I'm content and satisfied with my fiance'. Just .Looking for help and hoping I can offer the same or when I figure out how to help someone with a problem I'd like to return any knowledge I can as well. 
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