Daily rewards drought and legend players

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Why am I getting no daily rewards lately? And when I have been they have been trash, for a good while there I was pulling a good player almost every single day with just the daily rewards boxes I was getting and now recently I’m getting nothing, and when I am getting a box from a daily reward here and there I get nothing useful out of it. Haven’t pulled a new player in quite some time now. Is anyone else experiencing this currently? I’m desperately trying to pull a good second basemen but nothing has been happening for me as of late. I’ve also been on a quest to try and get at least one legend but that’s not happening either, I have 6 prime players and 10 special addition players that max out around 365 (my best special addition player is gold glove Nick Markakis who maxes out at 435). To make this point simple and straight to the point, is anyone else experiencing a huge drought on daily rewards recently, and in your experience, how long has it taken you guys to pull a legend?


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    I've pulled one legend in month's. Not getting very good boxes. So you are not alone. Game's fixing to end you'd think we would get better players. SMDH
  • ME8UP55ME8UP55 Registered Users, Member 11 Posts
    Not getting any here either. C'mon glu!
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    Since I’ve posted this, I’ve pulled 6 legends, including overall 540 Paul Molitor about an hour ago 😳 I think they saw this post and hooked it up lol
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