Offers say rewarded but no award In Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

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Im getting really frustrated here and it seems like no human is available to help me, only robots. Today I completed 2 offers which together would be 97 K stars. In the game, Tapjoy says I completed the offers and was awarded the 76 stars for one and 20 stars for the other. I was NOT. This is not the first time this has happened. Every time this happens, including today, I submit a ticket to Tapjoy’s support. I immediately get an automated system saying I was already awarded. My currency hasn’t been more than 4 stars today so I HAVE NOT been awarded. I’ve “completed” several offers that would amount to over 130 stars (even excluding the 97 stars that Im missing from today). The issue is: I completed offers AND it states I was awarded, so the Tapjoy robot assumes it affected my currency. Im getting really frustrated because it’s a huge waste of time completing offers to be told Im being awarded when Im not. Tapjoy doesn’t have an easily accessible customer service either. They always resolve my ticket (even though it’s not resolved) and then I can’t do anything other than reply to the email they sent, and they don’t reply back! I’ve sent a message to Glu through the game, because SOMEONE has to have the power to change my currency. Tapjoy thinks it’s been awarded when it hasn’t, so maybe it’s a problem with the game distributing awards. 

Im hoping someone has a suggestion or that someone working for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood will see this and finally do something. 


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    If you were awarded on TapJoy's side we should be able to find it and ensure it shows up in game.  Simply create a ticket in game and we should be able to verify.
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