VIP Event: Tap4Odie Weekend

CaptainCanadaCaptainCanada 2 PostsRegistered Users, Member
It's a great thing that you're doing in memory of Odie as per the recent news post, but it seems kind of cold and away from the point that you're only going to be sending out these special player versions to VIPs.  Even worse, you didn't even send the news post that you're dedicating this weekend to Odie to non VIP clubs. Sends a crappy message that yah... You can mourn with us and here's some free stuff in his memory, but only if you have paid us $800+ to become a VIP first. It really seems like you're almost turning his death into a cash grab. I get that you're running a business, but this isn't the time to be singing out just the VIPs .



  • stonecold316stonecold316 1 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    I was in a club with him last year. He used to beat other clubs by himself.  Absolute beast.   
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