Prime/Sprint Event Matchups

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I am in silver IV and constantly am getting defeated by teams with 15-20k less team strength than mine only because they are in Gold. Why do I keep getting these matchups answers losing? Any advice or tips would be helpful. I don’t want to go to gold until I have resources saved up as that is what I have read to be the best strategy. 


  • cclement02cclement02 Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
    Now these are only rumors that I’ve heard/read... however, the more overall games that you play with your team and depending on your record you will play higher ranked teams. I encounter the same issue. My advice would be to level up your upgrades, players and pennants all the way, then stock pile a good amount of gold, cash, and xp in order to move on to the next tier. Don’t move up to gold unless you have the assets to do so. Just keep grinding
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    I've heard the same thing
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    Once you hit around 2000 games capped at silver you will start playing gold, it’s the games way of telling you it’s time to move up
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