Changes to the Weekly Events Schedule

ProfNinjaDaddyProfNinjaDaddy Registered Users, Member 23 Posts

May I make a scheduling/game design suggestion? This year, Slugfest has become wonderful in terms of providing resources for leveling players and teams. However, unlike WoH, bonus games, and prime events, Slugfest isn’t given a day of its own to shine. Here would be a welcome change to the weekly schedule:

Monday: WoH

Tuesday: Bonus Games

Wednesday: Slugfest

Thursday: Royale

Friday-Sunday: Prime

This would give each event an opportunity to shine on their own. Eliminate the doubling of Prime events and allow for a greater collection of resources for those who play daily. Does anyone else have any suggestion to add or subtract from this modification?


  • skellhunterskellhunter Registered Users, Member 27 Posts
    I posted a similar complaint about slugfest. “Slugfest, The Forgotten Event”. My  suggestion was to replace the sprint event with slugfest, as that is the same event as the weekend. Another suggestion was to move Royale to the weekend and put slugfest in its place on Wednesday’s. Either way is fine with me. Slugfest needs its pine day PERIOD!
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