Weekend boxes failsafe

MISSREDMISSRED 217 PostsRegistered Users, Member
Im in about 70 boxes on last 3 weekend. Out of that i recieved 3 or 4 bonus 5 star players. 2 were from fan rewards for spending 12k in gold. So really i landed 1 or 2 sr 5star skilled pitchers. In what universe is it worth spending hundres of dollars in gold for such little return? 

Please change it to a free weekend bonus player after 5k gold spent or 10 boxes purchased. Glu has access to my account, they can see the rediculousness of my weekend purchases. I feel completely robbed and am questioning why i even try. If someone pays that much in gold, success shouldnt be left to luck at that point. And how is that bad of luck even possible 3 weeks straight?
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