No videos/ideas to help even playing field

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Most people on my club have been without videos available to earn gold. Myself included. 
You can make an argument that it is due to a lack of advertising in the person's geographical area, but then how do you justify video achievements where you NEED videos to be able to earn. You can't even buy them, where you can buy gold for other things. This has cost me 2 previous video achievements (the first one I ran out of videos on my 9th of 10 videos, and since then another achievement and the one today are ticking by and I'm not even able to attempt to earn them. This is crippling to teams. 

Why is this not being fixed?
This is becoming a straight up pay for play game if you don't keep videos as a possibility to earn gold, ESPECIALLY when you create rewards that force you to watch videos. Fix this. 


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    In the hope that someone from glu reads this. 
    I guess as opposed to everyone else who just complains, some ideas. 
    This game, you NEED to spend gold to be competitive. There just isn't any way around that. It makes it substantially easier for people who have more money they are able to spend freely, than those of us with tighter budgets. 
    Alternatives to just videos as a way to earn gold. 

    Everybody always just autoplays games, how about gold bonuses for people who actually play whole games. People put in time to use your game more in depth, earn gold. It needs to be more than videos are worth. You get 4 gold for a 3p second video, if I play a full game and it takes me say 5 minutes or whatever, I get 40 or 50 gold. Something like that. Reward people for actually playing the game, and not just simming the game. 

    Also, either upping the value of some of the picks. Or upping the availabity of some of the boxes availability. 

    I collect a TON of first overall picks, but they are bordeine useless because 4.5 and 5 star "regular" players are almost never worth anything when it comes to bonuses. Make the regular players have a decent bonus and the special promo ones have better bonuses. Monster Twins Polanco gets 80k per hit, make it so that the regular Polanco gets 25k per hit as opposed to just the 1000 pts for an RBI from the twins player bonus, or something like that. Make it actually worth it to keep some of the players you get from picks. You can collect picks easy enough, if keeping these players actually gave people who can't afford to pay $40-$80 every weekend for special players an actual chance.
    Same goes for CVC. Give regular Polanco a +25 or +50 boost too. Be a little more creative with some of the bonuses. 
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    I agree, though they have been receiving immense monetary amounts from those who only do ads and/or offers. Why would they shutdown the unlimited availability? All that will do is cause a mass exodus in users of the app. If they want their games to be pay for play. Then they should just straight up say it. Instead of lie or use lawyer speak. Change the settings for their apps to 4.99 or something to download game and have in-app purchases at slightly lesser values. They'd be happy and they'd lose alot of play for free users, such as myself. It's win, win. They get to satisfy they're current level of greed and I get to say bu-bye to apps that I don't plan wasting my current budget and retirement funds on.
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