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So, I'm not terribly pleased right now. The Britney Spears game was stuck on a screen, so I went to the options and hit "restart game"...I didn't think it LITERALLY meant "restart", as in, you lose the entirety of your progress.   In literally every other game in existence, the standalone warning of "your progress will be lost and cannot be undone" usually means from the last time you logged in until that point...not the ENTIRE game. So now, after having spent money on this app, I am at the beginning again. Yeah, I have some of the starter pack outfits that I bought, but it means nothing after I put effort into the quests, leveling up, with earning the in game money, buying b-gems with REAL money and watching countless video adds, and losing all of that.  I not terribly thrilled with the prospect of working my way back to where I was, especially to see if my previously purchased items within the game come back up when I level up. That is a terrible price to pay for a misleading option.


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    Sorry you didn't understand the option.  Send in a ticket and we may be able to help out in getting you back toward where you were.
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    What do you need from me?  Let me know and I will get it to you.
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