MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 Top Feedback - May

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Back again with another month's top feedback for Tap Sports Baseball.  Note we would do this for other titles too if we received more feedback.  While we get hundreds for baseball we see a much smaller amount for other titles so we just focus on the TSB ones for now. 
  1. Walk of Hero - While we had this in March the latest update included some changes which many people expressed their opinions on.  Some dislike it, some liked it very much, a bunch of feedback on the prizes and what they think they should be as well.
  2. Bonus player suggestions - We received a multitude of suggestions as to who should (and in some cases shouldn't be) bonus players.  There are still plenty of events left in the year so hopefully some of your suggestions will get added in coming events
  3. More gold sales - Particularly early in the month many players liked the 15k gold offer and some of the other gold sales.  There will certainly be more coming but we can't give out any specifics at this time.  Just be sure to follow our social media pages and the community team will announce many of these specials
  4. Trade in Franchise coins for other things - It seems some players end up not using the franchise coins and want to be able to use those for something else.  It doesn't look like we will do anything in the 2019 version of the game but the development team will look at the value of the coins and see what options we may have for future versions
  5. Running out of videos - While you can see our responses in various places (including these forums), the short version is this probably isn't something we can just fix.  We can look at other options to replace what the videos are used for.
The team is hard at work on the next version of the game and has some exciting changes planned.  Be sure to watch the social media channels for previews and updates from the community team!
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