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Just downloaded home design an opened it up everything loaded up pushed on the furniture in the tutorial and it pops up empty saying (Sorry,  no items meet your filter selection ) that's it wont let me play game I uninstalled and reinstalled but some thing happens.  It was previously installed before the phone was given to me. IPHONE 5C VERSION iOS 10.3.3


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    Design home has their own customer care team and the team that handles these forums (and the majority of Glu tickets) is unable to assist with questions regarding that title.

    You may reach Crowdstar's Customer Care team either by:
    1. creating a ticket in-game (Tap the "?" icon in the upper right of the screen and go to Troubleshooting; type in any search term until "CONTACT US" appears; OR
    2. visiting our website at https://designhome.helpshift.com/a/design-home/ and selecting "CONTACT US."

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    I wish there was a way that you could  Earn a decent amount of diamonds while playing the game! Considering all the items where you purchase with diamonds , are a lot of diamonds to purchase them. So I think if you add some sort of puzzle we have to complete to get more diamonds. Think bout it, how can we give you our best design when its impossible to save up enough diamonds to even purchase a rug! 

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