Change Up Slugfest

CB82BREWCREWCB82BREWCREW Registered Users, Member 1 Posts

I loved slugfest last year but it was hard to justify leveling up players for a one day event. The rewards had prime xp so it was kind of worth it. I have three possible suggestions. 1) lower the cost to level up slugfest players so that it's easier to progress them. 2) find a way to use the regular roster players as slugfest players. Maybe with a slugfest bonus?? 3) make the rewards MUCH better. More PXP, mystery boxes, etc.

Anyone else think the same?


  • seatownsonicsseatownsonics Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
    I agree.  Having slugfest go from just a one day event in the past year to a one day event that you can play other games instead of slugfest has really hurt making people want to play it. I can't justify spending gold and exp to level up the guys. Maybe if they made it like Walk off with the multi tier and had a few better prizes to make it worth it, people would want to jump back in. 
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