MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 Top Feedback - June

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Here is the top June feedback for Tap Sports Baseball 2019.  
  1. Complaints about the Walk off Hero reward player of the month box - Early in June we had a reward which was a player of the month box rather than just a player and many of you submitted feedback that you preferred a player over a box with a chance at a good player.  We passed that along to the development team (in particular the content group) and while they may try it again at some point they understand the preference and we have been mostly players since.
  2. More prime xp options - As prime players became a reality for more of you we also saw requests for more ways to get prime xp.  A prime improvement box is available as well as a few other changes.  Typically these filter in as the season goes on along with the the saturation of prime players on your teams.
  3. Double payout on videos - We do have the double payouts on offers which are often due to working with the offer providers and specials that they run which we then pass on to our players.  We typically don't do it with videos as the payouts on those are fractions of a cent to begin with so even if we were to double them on the data side it still rounds to the same number you see in gold payout.  
  4. Player of the Month and Player of the Week aren't bonus players enough -Feedback here included requests for Potw and Potm to be active bonuses for all events for their month or week as well as just more often.  While more often might happen (typically there is a desire to switch it up a bit each event/week) I don't think for the entire month or week is likely right now.  It would make those players extremely valuable though so the content team might try it at some point.
  5. Feedback on not allowing changing teams during cvc matches - While there was feedback on many club versus club aspects the one that seemed the most prevalent was players changing teams during matches.  The development team is tracking this issue and looking into what is currently happening versus the intended game play flow.  We don't have any changes to announce at this time but it is being reviewed. 
Version 1.2 should be coming very soon with new features and game play modes.  Be sure to watch the social media channels for previews and updates from the community team!


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    daakkiiidddaakkiiidd Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    There has to be more ways to get prime xp
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    griffeybgriffeyb Registered Users, Member 7 Posts
    You could be like me and be extremely unlucky... spent 7,000 gold on all star boxes and got only xp and pxp 😂
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    zeus82606zeus82606 Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    I was exactly like you & received "ONLY" xp/pxp. It angered me enough that purchasing any further boxes will be in the Distant Future!!
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